Being Kinder in a Pandemic World

With numbers rising again post lock-down we know that the pandemic is far from over. But we step into a new season with consideration and hope; reflecting on our new way of living and drawing insight from what we’ve gained over the past six months.

It’s been a very different summer to the one we were all expecting, that’s for sure! A true rollercoaster of ups and downs. Viewing it as an ongoing journey, with lessons to learn along the way, has helped us to recognise the positives amongst the challenges.

Being kinder to each other has been one of the most important things we have experienced. Stopping to look beyond our own needs to those of our community has been an action felt and taken by many. While it has highlighted areas where support is still critically lacking, it has also raised awareness of efforts that often go overlooked.

How to be kinder to ourselves is something many of us have evaluated too: lifestyles, values, pressures, commitments – the things we need and the things we don’t in order to be healthy and happy.

We’ve been thinking a lot about this, here at KINDERWILDER. We have really missed our pop-up stores, our interaction with our customers and collaborations with fellow ethical brands. But it has also cemented our ethos and the practices for which we are most proud. And it’s been good to reflect on these, especially on the tough days!

We are, as ever, committed to our fair trade policy and our relationships with suppliers and makers (all of whom, we’re so relieved to say, have made it through the last six months too). And we’re proud to be part of a trusted community of like-minded people and businesses who believe that supporting each other is integral to a healthy, sustainable business.

You can read more about our artisans in Ecuador who traditionally grow, harvest and weave the toquilla  of our panama hats here. And, closer to home, you can learn more about our city caps which are cut and sewn in the creative hub of Liverpool.

Our process has always been based on the unique story behind each product; the people, the materials and the environment. Designing with integrity and celebrating the process has become especially important in the wake of the pandemic. Fashion can be crafted mindfully! We hope the spotlight shone on fast fashion over the past six months – broken supply chains, contracts cancelled, payments reneged – has increased exposure to some of the dishonest practices which are still prevalent in the industry. 

You can read more about the daily struggle faced by garment makers in the articles listed at the end of this post, and why we all need to ask the question: ‘Who Made My Clothes?’.

Lockdown also gave many of us the opportunity to consider our immediate environment too and placed even more value on clean air and green spaces. For some of us, access to nature was as simple as walking into the garden, for others it was impossible. We all have a right to clean air and green space and we must all be more active in protecting it. Making future-friendly choices is not always easy, or indeed feasible, but we hope that those of us who are in a position to make choices with our environment in mind choose to do so. In turn, we help to push business, education and policy in a better direction for everyone.

We take this on board with all the products we make. Sustainability has always been one of our defining principles and affects everything from our materials to our packaging. There’s lots that we’re happy about, but there’s a lot more we want to do too.

So Hello to the new season! We greet you with gentle optimism and determination. We’re going to do our best moving forwards, with kind hearts and ready minds. 


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