Hat Guide 01: Rollable Panama hats

Guide to Rollable Panama Hat

Always on the go and want to take your KINDERWILDER hat with you? We have two rollable hats in our Panama hats collection that fit perfectly into environmentally friendly and convenient packaging tubes. Want to know how to travel in style with GINA and SIRI? Follow these simple steps below:

1. Remove the lid from your travel tube.

2. Hold your Panama hat out in front of you, facing right.

3. Place your hand inside the hat and gently push up the crown. Using both hands, gently flatten the panama.

4. Carefully begin to roll the hat from right to left.

5. Keep rolling, while being conscious of the tip — do not roll the tip too tightly as this can damage the straw.

6. Insert the Panama hat, brim end first, into your travel tube.

7. Remember to remove your hat once you have reached your destination (Panama hats should not be left rolled for overly long periods of time).

8. Use your hands to gently remould the Panama hat back into shape, pushing down the crown and pinching the sides. Any residual creasing can be softened by dabbing the area with a clean damp cloth.

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