Vegan Fashion: What, Why, How & Where To Buy

Nowadays vegan shoes, clothing, and accessories are easier to come by. Browse your favourite online retailer or even your local boutique and you'll surely find vegan items on the shelves. Want to know what to look out for when shopping for chic and cruelty-free fashion? Read on to discover our top 3 tips:
What is Vegan fashion?
Any apparel that is made without animal products or parts is considered vegan. Our hats are plastic-free and we are very proud to carry the PETA-Approved vegan certification for all our products. We don’t use leather, fur, feathers or wool. 

So, how do I know if an item is vegan?

TIP 1. Buy local. Buy recommended.

A quick Instagram search on the hashtag #veganfashion will open up a host of possibilities when it comes buying vegan. Research is always a great place to begin. Asking questions about materials and the origin of their resources will allow you to learn more and become familiar with the ethics and practices too. Chances are, you probably know someone (who knows someone) with a small business selling fair trade and vegan products, that would love your support.

TIP 2. Learn your labels

The key components to look out for on a garment label are categories such as outer shell, lining and quilting. Often, fur, leather and other products are added to these places and it can be easy to miss this if you're not checking labels. The 'Care Instruction" label is another place to check. Dry cleaning or products that are marked as not safe for tumble dryers (or even getting wet), can sometimes indicate the use of animal products.

3. Know your materials

Organic cotton is a great go-to material for vegan clothing, but when it comes to headwear, keep an eye out for materials such as hessian, straw, soy-cotton, and organic hemp - all of which can be found in either our City Caps or Panamas! Our fabrics are sourced from specialist suppliers in premium organic and fair trade textiles.

And where can I find stylish vegan fashion?

We're glad you asked! We've created a Weekend Wardrobe Edit, where we round up our top 5 fashion and beauty must-haves each month, so stay tuned for the next update!

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