Zero Waste: Reuse, Reclaim, Repurpose

Moving To Zero Waste

We started KINDERWILDER to provide a product that was kind to people, kind to the environment, and kind to animals. We hope that by promoting our traceability and the importance of sourcing, provenance, and manufacturing sustainably that we can encourage both our customers and our fashion brand peers to make better choices.  

Embracing Sustainable Policies

Here at KINDERWILDER, we embrace a policy of Re-Use, Re-Claim, Re-Purpose. We integrate perfectly suitable fabrics that would otherwise be sent to landfill. To keep waste to an absolute minimum, we manufacture in the UK (where we're based). Our production schedule is flexible meaning runs can be placed more efficiently alongside others. We manage production in small batches to meet, rather than exceed, demand. Left-over material from production is either saved for trims or donated to local craft and community groups.

Recycled Packaging

All our packaging is made in the UK and is a composite of recycled and FSC assured paper with minimal branding. Our beautiful, strong hat boxes are designed to be kept for hat storage, but equally may be repurposed or recycled. We even use UK-made biodegradable sticky labels. 

For us, sustainability and zero-waste fashion are not buzz words, they're an ongoing commitment to making things better. 

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