Cleaning & Storing

How to Take Care of Your Hat

Here at KINDERWILDER our quality contemporary crafted hats will last you for every style of season.  To help with keeping it in the condition you purchased it in we bring a selection of tips on how to care for your hat.


Blue Sienna Panama Hat Kinderwilder

Panama Hats

  • Spot clean by gently wiping with a damp cloth.
  • Steam carefully to reshape or smooth any kinks or creases as necessary. Ensure your hands are clean first to avoid leaving any marks on the straw.



    Blue Gabby cap Kinderwilder

            Cloth Caps

    • Spot clean by gently wiping with a damp cloth.
    • Please note, that our cloth caps cannot be washed because of their materials and construction, such as linings and peak inserts.
    • Our cloth caps may be gently steamed to reshape. 




    Store your hat in your KINDERWILDER hatbox when not being worn to preserve it’s shape and to keep it free from dust.

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