Our Hats

 Authentic Craftsmanship

KINDERWILDER creates contemporary hats crafted with conscience. We know our makers and we know our materials. We serve a growing audience who are conscious of what they buy and who understand that behind every product is a story.  Our story is built on people, process and kindness. 

Siri Rollable Panama Hat

Our Panama Hats Are Authentic

All our panama hats are handwoven in Ecuador by local artisans from carludovica palmata (also known as toquilla straw). The plant is grown organically in a community owned plantation before being harvested and prepared for weaving. 

It takes many, many hours to weave a single Panama hat, depending on the fineness of the weave (some panama hats can, in fact, take up to 6 months). It is a true artisanal craft, requiring great skill. 

We don’t haggle over price. You can find cheaper straw hats on the high street easily, but you won’t know where they were woven, or by whom, and under what conditions. Our Panama hats are assuredly Fair Trade - as they should be.

Ella Gatsby Cap Kinderwilder

All Our Hats Are PETA-Approved Vegan

We don’t use leather, fur, feathers or wool and all our caps and hats are Vegan Peta Approved. Each KINDERWILDER city cap is cut and sewn from premium organic and limited run fabrics. We don’t use any plastic.  The peak inserts for our caps are made from fully biodegradable wood pulp.

The organic denim we use for a number of our caps comes from Kerala, India. Like all our organic fabric, it is Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) certified.


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