Our Process

 Made In the UK

We are proud to work with a long established traditional hat manufacturer based in the creative centre of Liverpool who make our soft city caps.

A truly talented and dedicated team, they cut, sew and trim each design. With much attention and focus on reducing material waste, all fabric remnants are offered to local community groups for craft and theatrical projects. Everything else is recycled locally.


Made in Ecuador

KINDERWILDER panama hats are handwoven in toquilla palm by traditional weaving communities in Ecuador and are assuredly Fair Trade. The toquilla palm is grown organically in a community owned plantation before being harvested and prepared for weaving.

Creating a single panama hat takes many, many hours and a great deal of skill. The finished piece speaks of the craftsmanship involved. We are very proud and grateful to be a part of this business relationship.

Once we receive the panama hats, the internal headbands are sewn into place, and we finish the hat in London. 

We don’t haggle over price. You can find cheaper straw hats on the high street easily, but you won’t know where they were woven, or by whom, and under what conditions.

Our Materials

Our fabrics are sourced in the UK, Europe, the Netherlands and India from a selection of businesses who specialise in premium organic and sustainable textiles. Ethical production is something we do not compromise on.

Some of our organic denim, for example, is made in small batches by a family owned business who employ hand looms and small power looms to weave the fibres.  Since the cotton is grown organically, the fields are free of chemicals and pesticides meaning the children can run amongst the fields and cotton plants.

We don't use any plastic in the fabrication of our hats. The peak inserts of our caps are made from a fully biodegradable wood pulp (which is also assuredly vegan).


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