Hat Sizing

What Size Hat Should I Buy?

How Do I Take My Head Measurement?

We presently offer three sizes in all our hats

  • Small-Medium, 57cm  (22.4 inches) 
  • Medium, 58cm  (22.8 inches)
  • Medium-Large, 59cm  (23.2 inches)

A snug fitting hat will be closest to your head measurement.  We recommend ordering a size up if you are between sizes. For example, if your head measures 57.5cm, we would suggest a 58cm hat.  A tight fitting hat is not comfortable and you may end up with hat hair!

Your Head Measurement

Place the end of a tape measure in the middle of your forehead. Wrap the tape measure around your head at the widest point (around the bump just above the nape of your neck).  Bring it back to meet the end of the tape measure at your forehead. Don't pull the tape measure too tight, it should sit comfortably around your head.

If you would like your hat to perch on your head, then order a size smaller than your head measurement (see image below)

 Perching Style
Perching style
Standard Style
Standard style


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