KINDERWILDER Sustainable Ethos

We create contemporary crafted hats that are assuredly Fair Trade, cruelty-free, sustainable, premium quality and traceable. We serve a growing audience who not only want beautiful, long-lasting fashion pieces but who also demand traceability and transparency in what they buy. 

Here’s what we do and what we don’t do:

We Are PETA-Approved Vegan

We do not use animal products in any of the components of our headwear. This includes glue, dyes, trims, and packaging.

No Plastic

Our cap peaks are made of a reconstituted wood pulp which is biodegradable and 100% vegan. Our wadding and interlinings are made of natural fibres. We use natural hessian and soya-cotton interlinings which provide ideal comfort and breathability.

Sustainable Ethos KINDERWILDER

Conscious Packaging

All our packaging is made in the UK from a combination of recycled and assured FSC paper.  Our tissue paper is recycled and our sticky labels are made of a biodegradable composite.

Reclaim, Re-use, Re-purpose

In an effort to provide a second life to perfectly suitable fabrics and trims that would otherwise end up in landfill, we will from time to time, incorporate these into our designs (though we will never use any animal products). This can include limited runs, end of rolls, or reworked denim garments.